Boo Corrigan, the College Football Playoff committee chair, faced several questions from the media late Tuesday night, and explained how the committee arrived at several conclusions.

Asked about balance when it comes to Georgia and other teams, Corrigan explained the “vigorous debate” about the top teams.

“It is about being good on both sides of the ball,” Corrigan said on the media teleconference. “Georgia is an exceedingly solid team that the committee really likes and felt good about who they are. Obviously the dominant win at the beginning of the season against Oregon turned a lot of heads. Their defense hasn’t allowed a touchdown in the first quarter, which was part of our discussion as we’re going through everything in the room.

But again, there’s a lot of really good teams at the top of the rankings right now, and where we are after Week 9, and again, it sounds repetitive, but there’s more games to be played.”

Corrigan also explained how the committee had advocates for each team, and that helps the committee reach an end goal.

“As we’re going through it, our goal is to come to a consensus and come to an agreement on where we are as a group,” he said. “This isn’t a force of personality or anything like that in the room. It really is about making sure that everyone in the room has an opportunity to speak and advocate for what they believe and ultimately to come to a collective decision on where we are as a group.”

H/T ASAP Sports.