The NCAA’s Division I Council announced it has approved some sweeping changes to the world of college football, most notably in recruiting, Friday.

The most noteworthy changes are the beginning of an early signing day period (which still need to be approved by the college commissioners) and the addition of a tenth assistant to college football staffs. Restrictions on satellite camps also made their way into the new legislation.

Full details of the changes made by the council can be found here. Here’s a breakdown of the six major rule changes that have been approved by the NCAA:

  • Early signing day period in December (which still needs to be approved by the Collegiate Commissioners Association in June) — effective Aug. 1
  • Allows juniors to take official visits from April 1 to the Sunday before the last Wednesday in June of that year — effective Aug. 1
  • Prevents FBS schools from hiring “people close to a prospective student-athlete” for a two-year period before and after the athlete’s enrollment — effective immediately
  • Limits FBS coaches to 10 days of camps and clinics in June and July. These camps must be held on campus or in facilities often used by the football program — effective immediately
  • Allows employed coaches at camps and clinics to interact with prospective student-athletes — effective immediately
  • Allows FBS schools to hire a 10th assistant coach — effective Jan. 9, 2018

It’s interesting to note only three of these rules go into effect immediately, while the other three won’t be official until at least August. While all of these rules should impact major college football programs in the future, which one are you most in agreement with moving forward?

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