SEC Football 2014

We’re officially under one week until the kickoff of the 2014 SEC football season.

Buckle your seat belts and get ready…

Oh, did we mention this is also the first year of the college football playoff? The SEC is gonna win it! It’s a new day, the rules have changed, the SEC remains the same. #BringThePlayoff

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  • This is the best damn video I’ve ever seen.

  • I hope the SEC gets 2 teams in the first playoff. #BringThePlayoff

  • Lacing up the cleats, snapping the chinstrap now.

  • Was Vanderbilt even shown in the video? The problem with these videos is 4 or 5 teams are favored and shown repeatedly, making it more about select teams rather than a conference as a whole.

  • Wow!! What a video!

  • “Guys, I know what we should do! Let’s make a video of Georgia, Alabama, auburn, LSU, Florida, TAMU, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Ole Miss. Sprinkle a couple videos of Vanderbilt, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Miss State in there. Then present it as a video for the SEC as a whole! This should be good!”

  • I counted. Florida made 5 appearances in that video. Five. Tennessee had 32. I realize Florida was bad last year, but the defense was top 5 nationally, and Florida beat Tennessee. Come on, guys.

  • Just so you all know… Justin King is a Gamecock fan (grad) and he’s been gracing us with his awesome videos on rivals Gamecock Central for a couple years now. If you care to, you can go to youtube and search his name to see more of them.

  • Look at everyone all touchy because their team didn’t get much video time. This video is SICK, regardless if it had any Tennessee clips or not. Great work, Justin!

    • Thanks Jake, one thing I tired to do was focus primarily on players who will be returning this year, so if a team had a lot of great plays made by seniors they might not have had quite as many clips as others.

      That said, there are some seniors in there. I can’t ignore Johnny Football, etc…plus the clips and plays themselves had to ‘fit’. It’s a bit like putting a puzzle together.

  • This video is dope son. Wow. I have chills.

  • Yes good video. Yes some members got short straws here. So lets just have some more made so we can enjoy more of this great stuff.

      • Go for it Justin, you’re the king of this SEC football celebration. Can you find that Shane Ray run-back tearing Oklahoma State’s heart out, make sure you get Gundy’s face. Or the Missouri touchdown where the Indiana color man says “That’s a new all-time record for points scored against Indiana at home”.

    • just a recent comparison. If you look at the SEC 2013-14 Recap video by AtlantaSportsGuy. The clips are lengthy enough for the concept of the ‘moving picture’ to come across. And by the same standard the rap poetry in that video, while excellent, sometimes takes away from the video because the words are not clear causing the mind to choose between deciphering the audio or looking for the theme delivery in the video. So both of these video can be improved. The video using Requiem for a Tower by ZouDave on the last bowl game between South Carolina and Missouri (year ? 03-07) is an example of keeping the viewer clear on the artistic statement (certainly that video could be improved in some other ways) but here the viewer comes away with a clear and complete feeling and understanding)

  • Justin,

    What’s the song that you use in the video, which is crazy awesome by the way.

    War Eagle!

    • Yes, Justin. Could you please share the name of the song used in the video? It blended perfectly with the footage.

      You also have at least 20 people asking the same question on Youtube.