Panthers QB Cam Newton and Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski will both be joining the Nickelodeon network’s new lineup.

Newton will be the host of “All In With Cam Newton.” The premise of the show is helping children to live out their dreams.

Each episode will feature one or two kids who will reveal their dreams to Newton. He will then pair them up with professionals who will serve as mentors to help the kids fulfill those dreams.

Newton was criticized for his attitude after the Super Bowl loss to the Denver Broncos, but Jeff Sutphen, who is one of the producers for the show, said Newton didn’t bring that attitude with him.

“I just see how he’s able to come in and relate to every kid,’’ Sutphen said. “No matter what their area of expertise is, he’s got something they can tie it back to and relate to his career and his upbringing and how he got to where he is.”

This show was first announced in September 2015, but it was being called “I Wanna Be” at that time.

Gronkowski will be the host of “Crashletes.”