With SEC foes Florida and South Carolina slated to match up in the Elite Eight and former voice of the SEC Verne Lundquist on the call, CBS may engage in a bit of trolling at the expense of the basketball world, according to The Gainesville Sun’s Pat Dooley.

Would CBS really do that?

This would be funny on many levels, not only for the newly-nostalgic feel of Uncle Verne calling another SEC matchup but also because of both schools helping defying the SEC stereotype of being a football-only conference. In most years, other teams could say “just wait until basketball season;” this year, the SEC has more Elite Eight teams than any other conference, with Kentucky being the third.

Here are the two songs for comparison, with the first being the football song and the second being the basketball song.

If CBS wanted to ruin the moment even more, it would run Garth Brooks’ “Pure Adrenaline,” which was featured on SEC games this year. Because that song intro could ruin any moment.

Florida vs. South Carolina happens Sunday at 2:20 p.m. ET.