The first College Football Playoff Top 25 rankings will be released on Nov. 24, with an abbreviated and later-than-usual set of standings set to culminate in the final reveal on Dec. 20.

Although there’s 4 weeks to go until the first rankings, that didn’t stop the CBS Sports Network’s “Inside College Football” crew from unveiling who their top 4 teams were after this past weekend’s action.

All 4 analysts—Aaron Taylor, Brian Jones, Randy Cross and Rick Neuheisel—were in agreement with the top 2 teams: Clemson and Alabama. However, they differed on who they thought should be in the final 2 spots.

Taylor felt that Ohio State would be 3rd if the rankings were released on Tuesday, with Georgia rounding out the field. Jones had Ohio State in his top 4 as well, but as the 4th seed, putting Notre Dame in 3rd. That matched Cross’s top 4, but Cross flip-flopped Ohio State and Notre Dame as he placed them 3rd and 4th, respectively.

Meanwhile, Neuheisel had a top 3 of Clemson, Alabama and Ohio State like Taylor and Cross, but his 4th team was Oklahoma State.

The debate is sure to rage on as we get closer to the release of the rankings, and for long after the final ones are dropped as well.