Mike Griffith of DawgNation believes Jeremy Pruitt will get back into coaching.

The former Alabama coordinator and Tennessee head coach did not do too great in his stint as a head coach, being fired by Tennessee for NCAA violations 2 years ago. However, Griffith poses that other coaches have done far worse and performed far worse than Pruitt.

He joined WJOX 94.5 to discuss the matter Tuesday.

“Jeremy is ingrained in the SEC,” Griffith said. “I don’t know what they’re finding are going to reveal there at Tennessee but if we are just talking about improper benefits … Why wouldn’t Jeremy Pruitt get back into coaching? He won national titles at 2 different schools as a coordinator, he’s worked with Nick (Saban) for a long time. Whatever happened at Tennessee, I’m sure he learned from it. I’ll tell you this, Lane Kiffin failed a hell of a lot more than Jeremy Pruitt in his coaching profession.”