College football analyst and SEC Network contributor Mike Griffith joined WJOX 94.5 Tuesday to discuss who he believes are the top 4 best, not necessarily deserving, teams in the country following the CFP selection show.

The final 4 teams in the field are Georgia, Michigan, TCU and Ohio State. Griffith’s list is a little bit different.

“If you’re telling me the straight 4 best let’s put them in order, I think Georgia’s the best team,” Griffith said. “I think the 2nd best team is probably Alabama, if you’re asking me to be honest I think Alabama would beat Michigan, I do. I think Michigan is probably the 3rd best because going undefeated is doggone hard. I think Tennessee is probably better than TCU, if you’re going on straight best. But you know we have to introduce these metrics because we have to pretend we don’t know who would win these games.”

An argument could be made that Alabama is one of the top 4 best teams in the country but No. 2, ahead of Michigan, seems tough. Tennessee, to its own right, would be hard pressed to replicate its success without Hendon Hooker on the field right now.

What do you think of Griffith’s comments?