After a 10-year hiatus, EA Sports’ NCAA football video game is set to return in 2024. At least, that’s the plan.

According to a report from ON3Sports’ Pete Nakos, the CFBPA is working to organize a group intent on boycotting the video game, citing a low payout on a promised NIL cash pool. The mentioned report detailed that the pool was worth $5 million and that roughly $500 would be paid out to each player, with no royalties.

Justin Falcinelli, Clemson’s former starting center and VP for the CFBPA, is part of the group championing a boycott of the game in response to the low NIL funds. He spoke with Nakos about his thought process behind it all prior to Wednesday:

“All current players should boycott this deal. It is an opt-in deal, and they should not opt into it. It is just a ridiculously low amount of money,” Falcinelli told Nakos. “Given the context and the hype that surrounds this game. When we first heard the number, we’re like, ‘Alright, that sounds low. Let’s go figure out if it is low.’ And started talking to guys, talked to some of my friends, some guys who are still playing in the NFL. ‘So, what are NFL players getting paid for Madden?’ And the numbers we were given were from 2019, it was disclosed that they got, I think, about $17,000. And then a current NFL player told us that he got a check for $28,000 this year for Madden. You should not participate in this. It is a simple cash grab to just try to get you for the lowest amount possible. And it’s OneTeam Partners and all these organizations that don’t really represent the players’ best interest.”

The line between collegiate and professional athletes is blurring more and more with every passing day. We’re sure this sentiment of a potential boycott will be met well by CFB video game fans.