Chris Fowler reacted to the College Football Playoff reveal Sunday afternoon on ESPN.

The reveal saw Michigan, Washington, Texas and Alabama named to the 4-team field, with Florida State and Georgia on the outside looking in.

Ultimately, Fowler picked the same as the committee. He’s excited for the matchups between Alabama and Michigan and Texas and Washington.

“I was asked on an earlier show, Rece, to rank the best 4, just the best 4, and forced to do so, I don’t do that willingly, I gave the same 4 in the same order as the committee,” Fowler said. “Having said that, and these semifinal matchups are worth celebrating, we’ve got a month to talk about that, and people think that’s all we care about are the great matchups and the Playoff.”

But Fowler also admitted that while he believes the 4 selections made by the committee are correct in his eyes, his heart is broken for Florida State.

It’s not hard to see why. The Seminole did everything asked of them. They won the ACC Championship, scheduled well in the non-conference and finished the year undefeated. And after all that, the Seminoles will not compete for a national title.

Here’s his full quote:

“My heart is broken for Florida State,” Fowler continued. “There was a moment in this show earlier when the news was delivered to that watch party, and Mike Norvell’s head dropped and right off to his left was Jordan Travis sitting with his injured leg propped up on a chair, and then to hear his statement. It is heartbreaking and I know why they feel wrong because the committee has not been, as you guys pointed out, consistent throughout the 10-year run, most deserving, versus best. Do you think TCU was one of the best 4 teams last year? They were ranked No. 2 and underdogs to K-State in a Big 12 Championship Game they lost and then still got seeded ahead of Ohio State. Now they beat Michigan, all credit to them, we all know the de facto championship game was in Atlanta. So were they ranked as the best 4 last year, you could see why Florida State is heartbroken. They’re a gritty team, an elite defense, they have elite playmakers, but the importance of the quarterback position in the sport these days once again is in the spotlight by the choice of this committee.”