Chris “Mad Dog” Russo made his weekly appearance on ESPN’s “First Take” and dipped his toe into college football to share his list of most storied college football programs of all time.

From the beginning of the segment, Russo addressed the critics, who he said might say, “Stick to basketball, stick to baseball, I know a lot about college football.” He pegged the top programs as Notre Dame, Michigan, Alabama, USC and Oklahoma.

About Alabama, Russo rattled off several legendary coaches and quarterbacks, and then said, “They’re not higher than 3, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. They’re at 3, they deserve to be at 3. Great forever, they’ve been the class of the SEC. (Nick) Saban and with the aforementioned Bear (Bryant), but they’ve had some gaps. Not as great back in the ’20s as the top 2 are.”

Russo used several black-and-white images to describe Michigan and Notre Dame, and leaned heavily on the 150-year history of college football, and the Wolverines and Fighting Irish contributions about 100 years ago or more.

“Look at Ronald Reagan, win one for the Gipper, baby, Knute Rockne,” Russo said. “… The thing is, when you’re Notre Dame, you’re the biggest team on every team’s schedule.”