Chris “The Bear” Fallica said something that plenty of people agree with about the College Football Playoff committee.

During the rankings reveal show on Tuesday night on ESPN, Fallica gave his reaction to Tennessee receiving the expected No. 1 position in his mind.

“But it’s interesting that you went resume with Tennessee, the fact that they’ve got the best win in the country against Alabama, they have the win at LSU, then for No. 2, Ohio State, just a football judgement, we’re second, we’re going to put them over Georgia who has similar efficiency metrics, and a better win than Ohio State just kind of curious.”

Then he got down to business.

“Look, none of this really matters, if Georgia beats Tennessee this week, they’re going to go to No. 1,” he said. “But it’s just funny how they just make up the rules as they go along and just kind of slot things in.”

Kirk Herbstreit quickly jumped in, and said, “Ain’t nobody making up rules, Bear, they’re trying to follow their opinion and there’s different metrics they have. Not making it up.”