Outkick the Coverage‘s Clay Travis provided an interesting take on the importance of conference title games in college football. Travis argued that there is “no need for title games this year, or pretty much any year” on his blog Monday.

“We don’t need a conference title game to decide a champion, that’s the point of the entire regular season. We typically know the best team in the conference already. And if we do need a conference title game, it should be played by the two best teams in the conference, not by arbitrary division champs.”

He makes an interesting point. In most cases, including within the SEC, there is a sizable advantage between divisions and the games are usually predictable.

Several other college football analysts have to weighed in on whether to end conference title games.

Both Dinich and Low bring up interesting points. It’s been rare that a conference championship game ends in an upset, but that would provide a huge shakeup in the College Football Playoff standings.

Eventually, it’s going to happen and could spoil a team’s chances at a national championship, despite being the conference’s best team through the regular season.