Clock-rule changes may be one piece of several changes college football leaders are considering as a way to shorten games and improve safety.

There are 4 proposed rule changes under consideration, according to Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated:

The non-controversial proposals include (1) prohibiting consecutive timeouts, such as icing kickers, and (2) no longer extending a first or third quarter for an untimed down if the quarter ends on a defensive penalty (the down would be clocked starting the next quarter).

In a third proposal that is garnering wide support, the clock will continue to run after an offense gains a first down except inside of two minutes in a half. In a more controversial fourth proposal, the clock will continue to run after an incomplete pass once the ball is spotted for play.

They still need to be approved, but if passed, the changes would be implemented for the 2023 season. Many officials involved in the process expect at least a portion of the proposals to pass—something that did not happen last year during a similar exercise.