If you haven’t put it together yet, Colin Cowherd doesn’t particularly care too much for Alabama.

On Tuesday, the FOX Sports radio host started off by talking about AJ McCarron being thrust into the starting role for the playoff-bound Cincinnati Bengals before transitioning to McCarron’s alma mater.

Cowherd criticized Alabama quarterback play, which he deemed “unwatchable” at the next level, pointing out that Tide quarterbacks are 0-13 in the NFL since 1987. That, among other things, is reason for Cowherd to “believe the gap has been closed between the SEC” and the rest of the country.

As for being unwatchable, it isn’t just the quarterback play that Cowherd finds unwatchable.

“I find Alabama boring,” he said. “I find Alabama similar to Walmart: They’re big. They’re powerful. They squish mom-and-pops. They’re really their own economy. But they’re bland. They’re vanilla. They use their employees to build their brand, regardless of the employees’ well-being.”

Cowherd had Heisman-winning running back Derrick Henry in mind with that analogy.

“You really think Derrick Henry is better served having 45 carries? You really think that’s great for him? It doesn’t matter. He’s just a replaceable part. He’s not the Heisman winner. He’s the employee of the year.”

If you recall last season, Cowherd declared Alabama’s dynasty over after a 23-17 loss to Ole Miss, something that drew the ire of the now-famous Phyllis from Mulga, Ala., who emphatically declared to “Colin Cowturd” that it wasn’t over.

The Crimson Tide rebounded to make the College Football Playoff, identical to how it did this season.

One thing that doesn’t get boring in Tuscaloosa is winning. As for Henry, like most running backs he went to Alabama to carry the rock, and I don’t think he minded winning a Heisman.

You can watch his rant here: