Tim Tebow was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars on Tuesday.

That prompted a pair of incredible rants from FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd. First, Cowherd lamented how Tebow’s situation was an example of “a real problem in America.”

Cowherd was far from done, though. A bit later on in Tuesday’s edition of “The Herd with Colin Cowherd,” the host said that while Tebow is the biggest star in SEC history, that doesn’t lead to success on Sundays:

“Tebow’s the biggest star in the SEC. There is no second place,” he said. “Literally no second place. If you say Johnny Manziel, you’re kidding yourself. He’s the biggest star in the SEC times 10. No other conference has a player that defines culturally and playing in the conference more than Tim Tebow in the south. He’s a great college player. Great. Leader, player — great, great, great. Saturdays aren’t Sundays.”

Cowherd then goes on to look at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster, noting that only 2 of their best 10 players (Mike Evans and Devin White) went to SEC schools.

Cowherd followed that up by noting how many of today’s great NFL players didn’t go to SEC schools:

“If college football was the NFL, then why have the last 10 quarterbacks who have played in the Super Bowl, none have been from the SEC. The 14 quarterbacks who made the playoffs last year, none were from the SEC. That’s Saturday football. The last 5 MVPs of the NFL quarterbacked at Cal, Louisville, Texas Tech, Michigan and Boston College. The 3 greatest wide receivers I’ve ever seen went to Mississippi Valley State (Jerry Rice), Tennessee-Chattanooga (Terrell Owens) and Marshall (Randy Moss). Walter Payton is the best running back I’ve ever seen. I think he went to Jackson State.

“Saturday is not Sunday. Tebow is the greatest SEC player ever. He’s the most important. He’s the most discussed. He’s sold the most merchandise. He’s the most everything and he’s a really good guy, but being the best on Saturday doesn’t mean much. Half of Nick Saban’s guys that go to the NFL underachieve, get cut, can’t play or are overpaid. And they’re easily the most dominant college football team I’ve ever seen for a decade, so don’t take it personally. Big on Saturday doesn’t mean great on Sunday.

“Saturday matters, too — just not for a Sunday league.”

If Cowherd wanted to go back a little further, of course, his argument would fall apart a bit. Peyton Manning (Tennessee) is one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks ever. Cam Newton (Auburn) won the NFL MVP award as recently as 2015.

As for Alabama, Derrick Henry, Julio Jones, Amari Cooper, Calvin Ridley, Ryan Kelly, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Marlon Humphrey, Quinnen Williams and several others have been solid-to-great NFL players in recent years.

We’ll see if this current draft class of SEC players can try to prove Cowherd wrong, too.