The College Football Playoff says it’s happy with its current four-team format, while at the same time, it recently finished hearing 63 different possibilities of changes to the format.

If that doesn’t sum up the NCAA, nothing does.

This news comes as the Playoff management committee just wrapped its annual spring meeting and the topic of expansion was thoroughly explored.

That is the biggest news shared by the College Football Playoff management committee as the organization just wrapped two days of virtual meetings leading up to the 2022 CFP National Championship Game, which is being held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

The next College Football semifinals will be at the Goodyear Cotton Bowl in Arlington, Texas, and Capital One Orange Bowl in Miami.

According to the CFP, the spring meetings included a report from a working group regarding potential expansion. For what it’s worth, the committee notes the organization “continues to support and believe in the four-team playoff as it is currently constituted.”

That being said, 63 possibilities for change to the Playoff were discussed including 6-, 8-, 10-, 12- and 16-team Playoff options, each with a variety of different scenarios.

No change to the Playoff format can be made without approval from the 11 presidents and chancellors that run the College Football Playoff.

“I want to remind everyone that whatever recommendations the management committee may make, all decisions about our future format—whether to remain at four teams or change to a different format—will be made by the 11 presidents and chancellors who manage the CFP,” Playoff Executive Director Bill Hancock said in a released statement.

“We are entering the eighth year of our 12-year agreement for the College Football Playoff and the management committee is extremely satisfied with the popularity and success of the CFP. It is wise and good management to review where we stand as we discuss what the future might—’might,’ for emphasis–look like.”