SEC dominates the best stadiums in college football

NCAA Football: Western Kentucky at LSU

Which SEC stadium is the best?

That’s a question you’ll get several different answers to, but there’s usually one common theme: LSU. Athlon Sports recently polled experts inside and outside the SEC to see which stadiums were the best in all of college football, and coming at no surprise, Tiger Stadium topped the list.

SEC teams claimed five of the top 10 spots, with Texas A&M’s Kyle Field and Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium in the top five, along with Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium and Georgia’s Sanford Stadium to round out the top 10.

How did The Swamp get left off? Has it lost its luster? Four-win seasons do that to a program:

1. Tiger Stadium (LSU)
2. Ohio Stadium (Ohio State)
3. Autzen Stadium (Oregon)
4. Kyle Field (Texas A&M)
5. Bryant-Denny Stadium (Alabama)

6. Notre Dame Stadium (Notre Dame)
7. Neyland Stadium (Tennessee)
8. Sanford Stadium (Georgia)

9. Husky Stadium (Washington)
10. Beaver Stadium (Penn State)

A few weeks ago, Athlon also ranked the SEC specifically, in a poll that I voted on:

1. Tiger Stadium (LSU)
2. Kyle Field (Texas A&M)
3. Sanford Stadium (Georgia)
4. Neyland Stadium (Tennessee)
5. Bryant-Denny Stadium (Alabama)
6. The Swamp (Florida)
7. Jordan-Hare Stadium (Auburn)
8. Williams-Brice Stadium (South Carolina)
9. Razorback Stadium (Arkansas)
9. Vaught-Hemingway Stadium (Ole Miss)
11. Memorial Stadium (Missouri)
12. Davis-Wade Stadium (Mississippi State)
13. Commonwealth Stadium (Kentucky)
14. Vanderbilt Stadium (Vanderbilt)

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  • Williams-Brice, site of the nation’s longest home winning streak, is getting little to no respect this summer.

  • No disrespect to the zillions of Aggies out there – I think they have a top ten fan base – but should Kyle Field be that high?

    • If they did this poll 3 years ago, Kyle Field would be ranked around 9 or 10

      • Exactly! The media has for some reason jumped on the A&M bandwagon because some mugshot looking guy “Johnny nutsack” had 1 good year! I can’t wait till Conner Shaw takes his job!! I predict A&M starts 0-1

        • Yeah, Manziel bought into his own hype and thought himself far superior than the team. Albeit, the guy is good, but he’s not as good as he thinks. Given that point, A&M lost everything when they lost him. Possibly a 6-5 season on the way for Sumlin’s boys.

        • Yeah, 2012 was impressive but they still only managed a Peach Bowl win. They beat Alabama but still couldn’t manage to win the division, much less the conference. So what did Manziel even do for A&M, except hype and visibility

        • Johnny Football was good for TAM and good for the SEC. If you didn’t see the bowl game against Duke you missed a helluva performance. I’m a Mizzou fan but love watching good football. JF was a great college QB. Go SEC!

      • They’ve done polls like this for years and A&M has consistently ranked near or at top for all stadiums, even when in the Big12. The only difference is that we stood out in the Big12. Now that we’re in with the SEC big boys, it’s only getting better.

        I still get a sense that there folks out there that truly don’t understand the scope of what A&M is and where we’re heading. It’s understandable because of the newness. Hopefully more folks will get the chance to visit the campus and stadium to get a better understanding.

    • I went to the LSU-A&M game in 2012 and sat in the student section because my girlfriend goes there. The Aggie faithful are rabid, loyal fans and are VERY loud. Not quite as loud as some I’ve heard like LSU, Florida, or even Arkansas (when they had something to cheer about). But because I had the misconception that none could stand against Death Valley, I walked into Kyle Field thinking “meh, it’s only 82,000. There’s no way they can be as loud.” Friends, I was totally wrong! I think the 12th Man deserves at least a top 5 spot.

  • Sure, Bryant-Denny deserves to be on there since Saban had to put out a call for the fans to stay past halftime…