The college football world has conference realignment fever again after this week’s big news that Oklahoma and Texas have reached out to the SEC.

Moves like those tend to lead to set off a chain of events leading to full-on conference realignment. Paul Finebaum recently shared his thoughts on which two teams would be the top expansion targets for conferences after Oklahoma and Texas make the move to the SEC.

“There’s one other school out there who I think is very valuable that could help either the Big 12 or the Pac-12, and that is BYU,” the SEC Network host said on his show this past week. “I said Notre Dame is the biggest name out there; BYU is pretty close to being the second biggest.”

We’ve seen Notre Dame link with a Power 5 conference, the ACC, due to COVID scheduling issues in 2020. BYU has been an FBS independent since the 2011 season. The Cougars played in conferences from 1922-2010. BYU was a member of the Mountain West from 1999-2010.

Full conference membership for BYU could be complicated by the school’s policy to not play any games on Sunday, an issue that was raised ahead of the Cougars’ game against LSU on a Saturday night in 2017.

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