An Ohio police officer was body-slammed by an Eastern Kentucky football player during an arrest this week.

Dashcam video hosted by WBNS CBS 10 shows Michael Harris body-slamming a Grove City, Ohio police officer on Monday:

According to Lacey Crisp of CBS 10, officers were responding to a local business’ complaint of “a disturbance with an aggressive man who did not work there and wouldn’t leave.” When officers arrived to the scene, they encountered an apparently intoxicated Harris who can be seen lunging at the officers before picking one of the men up and throwing him to the ground. The officers were eventually able to get Harris, a redshirt sophomore football player, in handcuffs. Crisp’s article notes that, per court records, officers believed Harris did not know where he was or know anyone in the area. There is some good news, as the report states that the officer was not injured.