Which conference has the best chance to send two teams to the College Football Playoff next season?

That was up for debate on Wednesday’s edition of ESPN morning show “Get Up” as college football insider Heather Dinich shared her take on why the answer is the Big 12.

“I’m on the Big 12 bandwagon… and it’s because of Iowa State,” Dinich said on the show. “They have two Heisman hopefuls on their roster, not one, two.”

As should come as no surprise, Paul Finebaum fired back his thoughts on why the answer is the SEC.

“It’s the SEC – and it’s really simple – Georgia plays Clemson in the first game of the year,” Finebaum shared on the show. “If they win that game, I think they could even afford to lose to Alabama later on (and still make the Playoff).”

Check out the full conversation below: