The College Football Playoff has finalized a change in the selection format for the new 12-team model.

Originally, the 12-team format was going to utilize a 6 + 6 selection process. In that format, the 6 highest-ranked conference champions and 6 highest-ranked at-large bids would have been selected for the Playoff.

Ultimately, the Pac-12 falling apart changed things with Oregon State and Washington State all that remains for the 2024 season. The idea of the Power 5 is gone and led to a change in the criteria for the 12-team Playoff.

On Tuesday, the CFP Board of Managers finalized a switch to a 5 + 7 format. Now, the 5 highest-ranked conference champions will receive automatic bids and the next 7 highest-ranked teams will be selected as at-large programs.

“This is a very logical adjustment for the College Football Playoff based on the evolution of our conference structures since the board first adopted this new format in September 2022,” said Dr. Mark Keenum, President of Mississippi State University and Chair of the CFP Board of Managers. “I know this change will also be well received by student-athletes, coaches and fans. We all will be pleased to see this new format come to life on the field this postseason.”

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In the new format, the four highest-ranked conference champions will be seeded 1 through 4 and receive a first-round bye. The teams seeded 5 through 12 will face off in the first round at the home stadium of the higher-ranked team.

The quarterfinals and semifinals will be played during the New Year’s Six Bowls with a neutral site continuing to host the championship game.