The expansion of the College Football Playoff appeared to be on the fast track in recent months as the four-team format was on its way to becoming a 12-team tournament but the uncertainty that currently exists in the sport may throw a wrench into those plans.

At least for the time being.

The four-team Playoff currently is scheduled to run through the 2025 season but the Playoff working group green-lit proposals to move to a 12-team format this offseason. CFP executives were set to vote on expansion in the coming months.

With Texas and Oklahoma leaving the Big 12 and likely landing in the SEC, the first 16-team super league will soon be upon us.

During his first appearance at Pac-12 Media Days as the league commissioner, George Kliavkoff offered up these comments on Playoff expansion.

“Finally, as I mentioned before, the Pac-12 is in favor of CFP expansion,” Kliavkoff said on Tuesday. “We believe allowing more teams and athletes to compete for a national championship is a win for the Pac-12 and for our football players.

“We appreciate the work that was done to put forward the initial 12-team proposal. There is much about the proposal that we like. But the Pac-12 and the other conferences that were not part of the two-year process to create the proposal will need some time to collect feedback from our stakeholders and identify any issues that need addressing.

“As we identify these issues, we will work collaboratively with our CFP partners to recommend an expansion plan that increases access, takes into account the best interests of our student-athletes, and also preserves the rich traditions of college football.”

Reading between the lines there, Kliavkoff needs more information before the Pac-12 signs off on an expansion of the Playoff system.

During the Q&A portion of his appearance, Kliavkoff was asked if the current uncertainty surrounding the Power 5 structure makes it tougher to access how and when the Playoff should be expanded.

“That will be part of the discussion in the next meeting of the CFP in September,” Kliavkoff replied. “I’m sure the news that broke since the last time we met will color that discussion, for sure.”