In addition to being one of college football’s chief experts, Phil Steele also offers insight into how the smartest folks in the desert rank the top teams in college football.

Steele first shared his “Vegas Power Ratings” in his ESPN days. Now independent, Steele maintains connections with handicappers at multiple Las Vegas casinos.

Steele’s “Vegas Power Ratings,” published on his own site, are meant to give fans “an idea of how much teams would be favored over another team if they met on a neutral field.” The difference between 2 teams’ Vegas Ratings shows Steele’s projected betting line for a neutral-field meeting.

Steele reminds fans that the Vegas Rankings aren’t like the AP Top 25 and don’t always reflect prior results on the field:

Alabama barely got past Texas by 1 and was basically outplayed in the game. If the two met again on a neutral field, Bama would be a 16 point favorite. Texas A&M was outplayed by App St in Kyle Field. Should those two play on a neutral field A&M would be favored by 8.

Here’s where every SEC team ranks in the Week 3 Vegas Power Ratings:

  • No. 1 Alabama (136.77 Vegas Rating)
  • No. 3 Georgia (134.34)
  • No. 6 Tennessee (123.83)
  • No. 9 Arkansas (120.74)
  • No. 12 Texas A&M (120.46)
  • No. 15 Kentucky (118.73)
  • No. 20 Ole Miss (118.27)
  • No. 21 Mississippi State (118.23)
  • No. 30 Florida (115.48)
  • No. 35 LSU (113.77)
  • No. 39 Auburn (113.17)
  • No. 48 South Carolina (111.13)
  • No. 62 Missouri (107.42)
  • No. 99 Vanderbilt (96.77)

The Vegas Rankings of all 131 FBS teams can be viewed here.