EA Sports has long been expected to release a new college football video game this summer, but the details for the game’s re-launch are still unclear.

Those details became even murkier on Tuesday with some conflicting reports regarding the game’s release date.

David Waters, who hosts a Florida football podcast, reported that the game’s release date is set for July 12:

Not long after Waters’ report was shared, Matt Brown said he was unable to confirm the release date through sources at EA Sports. Brown, who has covered developments of the game extensively through his Extra Points newsletter, did say he believes July is the “target” for the game’s release.

College football fans have been clamoring for an updated game from EA Sports for years. The game was discontinued after a lawsuit from former UCLA basketball player Ed O’Bannon claimed EA Sports and the NCAA were illegally profiting off of players’ names, images and likenesses.

When the NCAA began allowing student-athletes to profit from NIL, it cleared the way for EA Sports to release a new version of this game. The last college football video game from EA Sports was released in July of 2013.

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College football fans were disappointed last week when EA Sports did not release any new information about the game during the national championship game. Previous media reports indicated that some sort of announcement was possible.

Though an official release date has not been announced, the game is expected to be released this summer.