As much as we love our schools, let’s face it: they’ve all whiffed on some hires.  Every new coach feels like a new day and no matter how much energy that first press conference injects, sometimes things just never gain traction.

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  1. Ron Zook (Florida, Illinois)
  2. Gene Chizik (Iowa State, Auburn)
  3. Tim Brewster (Minnesota)
  4. Lane Kiffin (Tennessee, USC)
  5. Derek Dooley (Tennessee)
  6. Charlie Weis (Notre Dame, Kansas)
  7. Mike Stoops (Arizona)
  8. John L. Smith (Michigan State, Arkansas)
  9. Bill Callahan (Nebraska)
  10. Dan Hawkins (Colorado)

Here are a few blips about each coach, according to

Ron Zook: “Zook took over for the legendary Steve Spurrier at Florida in 2002. 3 mediocre years later and The Zooker was banished to Illinois.”

Gene Chizik: “He won just 5 games in 2 seasons in Ames, but somehow suckered Auburn into hiring him in 2009 after firing Tommy Tuberville.  In year 2, Chizik piggy backed off Cam Newton’s talents and won a national title.  He was fired 2 years later after Auburn discovered the 2009 season was merely a fluke.”

Lane Kiffin: “Lane Kiffin is the butt of everyone’s jokes.  This snobby, arrogant coach continually gets great jobs, and fails miserably at them.”

Derek Dooley: “Dooley made it through 3 seasons before Tennessee decided to go in a different direction amid fan complaints.”

John L. Smith: “After another former Louisville coach, Bobby Petrino, was fired at Arkansas, Smith was named interim head coach in 2012.  Arkansas entered the season with high expectations but Smith’s Razorbacks fell flat on their face like most John L. Smith coached teams have done.”

Do you agree or disagree with this list?  Are there any coaches you’d add?