Depending on how many college football games you watched yesterday, you likely witnessed several missed field goals.

In total, college kickers converted just 32 of 53 attempts on Saturday. If that sounds bad, it really is, as that is a historically low mark for modern college football kickers.

In fact, according to Jason Starrett of The Athletic, Saturday was the worst day of field goal kicking at the FBS level since the 2007 season.

It wasn’t just field goal kicking that suffered, either, as protections — Georgia Tech had three field goals blocked against FSU — and extra points were an issue, too.

If you missed it, Texas State returned a punt 91 yards for a touchdown against UTSA in the final two minutes of the game that tied up the score. Had Texas State kicker Alan Orona converted the extra point, his team would have been up by one point with 1:16 remaining in the game.

Instead, he missed it and the game went into overtime. Texas State ended up losing to UTSA in double overtime — ironically enough, that was after Orona missed a 20-yard field goal attempt during the second overtime period.

It was just that kind of a day for college kickers on Saturday.