A columnist from Oklahoma is raising some eyebrows with a unique top 10 ranking of teams across college football.

Berry Tramel has come up with a top 10 that doesn’t include his home state team of Oklahoma,  or even Alabama. Why?

“I base my rankings on what teams have done,” he said during an appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show.” “This year. Not last year.”

In a column published on Tuesday, Tramel further explained his reasoning: Who have you played, where have you played and how did you do?

“These rankings are not so mired in tradition,” he wrote. “These weekly rankings are not based on names or colors or pedigree or even potential. These rankings are not a prediction. They are a mirror of what’s happened in college football this season.”

He admits that his No. 1-ranked team, Auburn, probably won’t hold at the top.

“But polls that refuse to acknowledge what has happened are as silly as a computer ranking that measures first downs,” he wrote.

About No. 2 LSU? “The victory at Texas remains the nation’s most impressive victory, though I suppose Auburn at (Texas) A&M comes close.”