As much disturbance as Saturday’s upsets in the Pac-12 and Big XII created in the two major-college football polls on Sunday, the turbulence led to widespread agreement among voters.

The AP Poll and Amway Coaches Poll agreed on the top 12 spots in the Week 12 rankings with only minor differences in the bottom of the top 25. Each team in the AP Top 25 was also part of the Coaches Top 25.

The SEC had four teams represented in the AP top 25 with Mississippi State joining Ole Miss as a fifth conference team at No. 25 in the Coaches Poll.

Clemson is on top in both polls, taking over for Ohio State in the coaches’ rankings. Alabama at No. 3 and Florida at No. 8 led SEC teams. LSU was No. 17 in both polls. Ole Miss was No. 25 in both polls with Mississippi State joining the Rebels in the coaches’ poll.

Though outside the top 25, the AP Poll included Arkansas at No. 27, Mississippi State at No. 29 and Georgia and Texas A&M tied at No. 33.

In the Coaches Poll, Georgia was No. 28, Arkansas was No. 30 and Texas A&M was No. 31.

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the Week 12 polls:

Coaches PollAP Poll
1. Clemson1. Clemson
2. Ohio State2. Ohio State
3. Alabama3. Alabama
4. Oklahoma St.4. Oklahoma St.
5. Notre Dame5. Notre Dame
6. Iowa6. Iowa
7. Oklahoma7. Oklahoma
8. Florida8. Florida
9. Michigan St.9. Michigan St.
10. Baylor10. Baylor
11. TCU11. TCU
12. N. Carolina12. N. Carolina
13. Michigan13. Houston
14. Houston14. Michigan
15. Stanford15. Stanford
16. Florida State16. Florida State
17. LSU17. LSU
18. Utah18. Utah
19. Navy19. Navy
20. Wisconsin20. Nrthwestern
21. Nrthwestern21. Wisconsin
22. Oregon22. Southern Cal
23. Wash. State23. Oregon
24. Southern Cal24. Wash. State
25.Miss., MSU25. Ole Miss