Whether you’re checking stats on your cell phone inside Jordan-Hare Stadium or watching the South Carolina Gamecocks while locking around your laptop from your Columbia, S.C., living room, Twitter is a good tool to access all the SEC football headlines and news efficiently and conveniently.

If you know which accounts to follow, that is.

But do not fear, fellow SEC fan. We’re here to help.

Use this as a buffet. Pick and choose what you want from the 139 accounts. Or comment and tell us what we’ve missed.

National/Conference-Wide Media

@TravHaneyESPN: One of the best at utilizing access, sources to provide context and analysis.
@Matt_HayesSN: Hayes does a fantastic job of formulating unashamed opinions without being inflammatory.
@dennisdoddcbs: A national college football writer for CBS is a big-picture expert while remaining detailed.
@JFowlerCBS: Ditto.
@Andy_Staples: Always thoughtful, the social media version of Staples is, well, suited to social media, unlike many writers.
@ClayTravisBGID: Multi-company and multimedia, Travis mostly focuses on the SEC.
@recedavis: The Alabama grad is universally liked despite working for the four-letter network.
@CLowESPN: Travis Haney, but for the SEC.
@schadjoe: Yes, there’s a theme here. But ESPN puts a lot of money into football.
@ivanmaisel: Sort of the grandfather of ESPN’s written college football coverage.
@BruceFeldmanCFB: Useful to keep up with college football breaking news.
@YahooForde: Well-suited for the internet age.
@HeismanPunit: The best place for Heisman-specific coverage.
@slmandel: A must-follow for national college football fans.
@RussMitchellCFB: The man knows SEC football.
@JonSolomonCBS: From the SEC football powerhouse AL.com, Solomon now is with CBS.
@CollegeGameDay: The pulse of college football.
@BarrettSallee: The lead SEC writer for Bleacher Report.
@MrSEC: The account lives up to its name.
@AthlonSteven: Athon’s excellent online coverage goes well beyond the print magazine.
@HollyAnderson: This chick out-writes most every national media member.
@DanWolken: One of USA Today’s lead college football writers.
@EyeOnCFB: The trendy CBS college football collaboration.
@coachingsearch: There’s no reason to get coaching news anywhere else.
@TomLuginbill: A great source for college football recruiting.


@CecilHurt: A 32-year veteran on the Tide beat.
@Andrew_Gribble: The main Crimson Tide beat writer for the state’s largest newspaper.
@KevinScarbinsky: A strong Alabama/Auburn columnist.
@T_Yeldon: Running back.
@_bsims6: Quarterback.
@AmariCooper9: Receiver.


@BretBielema: Head coach.
@NWARobbie: Beat writer.
@TomMurphyADG: Beat writer.
@BrandonAllen_10: Quarterback.
@Jwillpart2: Running back.


@CoachGusMalzahn: Head coach.
@JoelAEricksonAU: AL.com beat writer.
@KevinScarbinsky: A strong Alabama/Auburn columnist.
@JayGTate: Rivals’ Auburn guy.
@NickMarshall7: Quarterback.
@ThaRealKillaCam: Running back.


@CoachWMuschamp: Head coach.
@pat_dooley: Beat writer.
@osgators: Beat writer.
@jeffdriskel: Quarterback.
@_VH3: Cornerback.


@MarkRicht: Head coach.
@ChipTowersAJC: Beat writer.
@SethEmerson: Beat writer.
@HMason14: Quarterback.
@TG3II: Running back.


@UKCoachStoops: Head coach.
@KyleTucker_CJ: Beat writer.
@BDawsonRivals: Rivals’ Kentucky guy.
@patty_ice14: Quarterback.
@FBallIsLife69: Defensive tackle.


@LSUCoachMiles: Head coach.
@JimKleinpeter: Beat writer.
@RandyRosetta: Beat writer.
@_fournette: Running back.
@DHunt94_TX: Defensive end.

Mississippi State

@CoachDanMullen: Head coach.
@MikeBBonner: Beat writer.
@bradlocke: Beat writer.
@15_DakP: Quarterback.
@jL4_Sh0: Receiver.


@GaryPinkel: Head coach.
@DavidCMorrison: Beat writer.
@Dave_Matter: Beat writer.
@TodPalmer: Beat writer.
@MIZ_MAUK7_ZOU: Quarterback.
@BIGboehmTHEORY: Center.

Ole Miss

@CoachHughFreeze: Head coach.
@HKellenbergerCL: Beat writer.
@NealMcCready: Beat writer.
@bowallace14: Quarterback.
@aceboogie_001: Defensive tackle.

South Carolina

@JoshatTheState: Beat writer.
@johnmwhittle: Beat writer.
@NeilatTheState: Beat writer.
@Mike28davis: Running back.
@DT_ONE_SEVEN: Quarterback.


@UTCoachJones: Head coach.
@TennesseeBeat: Beat writer.
@patrickbrownTFP: Beat writer.
@aj_thebeast_45: Linebacker.
@WorleyBird_14: Quarterback.

Texas A&M

@CoachSumlin: Head coach.
@BrentZwerneman: Beat writer.
@khairopoulos: Beat writer.
@TexAgs: Independent Aggies website.
@Speedy_Noil: Receiver.
@Kennyhill13: Quarterback.


@CoachDerekMason: Head coach.
@jefflockridge: Beat writer.
@ChrisSmithVU247: 24/7’s Vandy guy.
@probinette4: Quarterback.
@KyleWoestmann92: Linebacker.

College Football Playoff

@BHancockCFP: The Executive Director of the College Football Playoff.
: The chairman of the CFP, aka you should repeatedly tweet “SEC! SEC! SEC!” at him.
@ADHadenUSC: Ditto, minus the chairman part.
@ClemsonDRad: Ditto.
@CFBPlayoff: So you can get the news instantly when the SEC places two teams into the four-team field.

The SEC Network

@SECNetwork: The main account for everyone’s new favorite channel.
@finebaum: The host of the greatest sports talk show in America. Face for radio.
@TimTebow: Former Heisman winner. His tweets, to be delicate, lack depth.
@GVMcElroy: The anti-Tebow.
@MrCFB: Tony Barnart is one of the most knowledgable and versatile SEC reporters alive.
@ESPNDari: A SDS favorite among the sports media.

The Team Accounts

@AlabamaFTBL: The official Alabama account.
@RazorbackFB: The official Arkansas account.
@FootballAU: The official Auburn account.
@GatorZoneFB: The official Florida account.
@FootballUGA: The official Georgia account.
@UKFootball: The official Kentucky account.
@LSUfball: The official LSU account.
@HailStateFB: The official Mississippi State account.
@MizzouFootball: The official Missouri account.
@OleMissFB: The official Ole Miss account.
@GamecockFB: The official South Carolina account.
@Vol_Football: The official Tennessee account.
@AggieFootball: The official Texas A&M account.
@VandyFootball: The official Vanderbilt account.

The Saturday Down South Stable

@SDS: The site’s main account.
@DrewRoberts: The cigar-loving CEO and visionary. Some call him The Wolf of College Football.
@JonSDS: The lead writer, Pied Piper of Orlando facial hair and radio guest extraordinaire.
@KevinDuffey: The tech guru and the brains behind the Saturday Down South website.
@itISwhatITisSG5: Former South Carolina quarterback and SEC analyst Stephen Garcia.
@JustinKing224: The king of college football videos.
@BCrawfordSDS: Writer.
@CrimsonWalsh: Writer.
@csmithSDS: Writer.
@DLaingSDS: Writer.
@EthanLevineSDS: Writer.
@JasonHallSDS: Writer.
@Jordan_Cox: Writer.
@MurfSDS: Writer.
@SDSKeith: Writer.