Conference realignment rumors continue to swirl, particularly with regards to the Big Ten and SEC.

That means, every time SEC commissioner Greg Sankey does a media appearance, he’s asked about expanding the SEC beyond 16 teams.

That was the case on the “Dan Patrick Show” on Tuesday. Sankey explained how conversations about membership take place and reveals he had one of those conversations last week:

“Nobody calls and says, ‘Can I join?’ It usually begins with a conversation,” Sankey said. “‘Hey, how ya doing? Wanted to talk to you about some key issues.’ Then, at the end, ‘hey, if anything ever changes, let me know.’”

“But when was the last time you had that conversation?” Patrick asks.

“Last week,” Sankey responded.

Then, Patrick asked about Notre Dame specifically, but Sankey wasn’t taking the bait:

“I don’t talk about membership conversations, but I talk to (Notre Dame AD) Jack (Swarbrick) because we shared a role on the College Football Playoff committee and we’re all trying to figure out how to move forward with the College Football Playoff. You should understand conversations I have go well beyond membership.”

Sankey said the conference is happy with where things stand now, but added that the league has shown its ability to adapt quickly in the very recent past. He also said the SEC is very aware of things happening around it.

We’ll see what that means in the coming years for Sankey and the SEC.