Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) is working on legislation that would establish an NIL clearinghouse which could fine, sue and ban anyone from participating in college athletics.

This legislation being drafted is being circulated to groups involved in name, image and likeness issues and On3 Sports reported that it would essentially establish another version of the NCAA to preside over name, image and likeness activity.

NCAA lobbyists as well as coaches have long sought federal legislation that would give oversight power in college athletics’ new market of endorsements and collectives. The clearinghouse would also be given an antitrust exemption, another major item for the NCAA.

Here is a portion of the drafted bill:

“The NIL Clearinghouse shall carry out enforcement actions for any violation of this Act, including by levying fines, imposing penalties, including suspension or a permanent ban of an individual or entity from participation in varsity intercollegiate sports competition for a period determined by the NIL Clearinghouse and commencing civil actions and seeking all appropriate legal, equitable, or other relief, including damages and injunctions.”