While many college football fans are predicting doom and gloom, the power brokers of college football are far more optimistic when it comes to the 2020 college football season following the outbreak of the coronavirus around the world.

Brett McMurphy of Stadium recently conducted a poll of athletic directors across the country and according to the college football insider, the theme of the feedback was not only optimistic that the season would be played but that college football is vital to the health of university budgets across the country. According to McMurphy, 112 of the nation’s 130 FBS athletic directors participated in the poll.

When asked to share their input on how likely the 2020 college football season is played, on a scale from 1 to 10 (with 10 meaning the season will absolutely be played), the most common response was 7. Of the AD’s polled, 27 percent issued a 7 while 24 percent issued an 8. Only 18 percent issued a 5 and no AD issued anything less than a 5.

That means of the 112 ADs to respond, 82 percent believe there’s a better than 50-50 shot the season is played in 2020.

Simply put, if there’s a way to play college football in 2020, the sport’s power brokers will see that it gets done despite the negativity you may be hearing on social media at this point in time.