Just like the rest of us, Urban Meyer is sitting at home hoping that the 2020 college football season can be played in the fall.

The former Florida and Ohio State coach and current FOX Sports analyst recently joined SportsCenter to share some of his memories from his days on the sideline in Columbus but before ending the interview, the analyst was asked to share his opinion on the upcoming season.

The way Meyer sees it, things are looking up but there may still be one hurdle to overcome in order for college football to be played this fall.

“I think things are moving in that direction. You know the one concern, I’ve been on a couple conference calls where I listen, is that every state is going to be different,” Meyer said. “There’s certain states that were hit very very hard, there’s other states that were not.

“So for example, the Big Ten conference, you have New Jersey that was hit very, very hard and right next to New York City and then Maryland. So can you really play if some states won’t open up? I’m trying to be the optimist. I really trust our medical professionals, I think, you know, we’ve contained it to a degree. So I’m staying positive.”

That’s the right approach to have and really all anyone can do at this moment as we wait the situation out and hope for the best.