If you missed the news this week, the 23-school California State University system announced fall classes will be primarily online come the fall.

While they have not yet announced what exactly that means for college football, many are reading into that to mean those schools will not be able to play in the fall. It’s important to note that USC and Cal are not members of the 23-school California State University, however, San Diego State, Fresno State and San Jose State are members.

This news came the same day as SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey made an appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show” to clear the air on the possibility of the SEC being the only league to play football in the fall. Clearly, Sankey hopes it doesn’t come to that.

“I was asked a question and I think if the entirety is played, I spoke when this flared up, of the connection between the autonomy five conferences being likely stronger than I’ve ever experienced,” Sankey said during his recent appearance on the show. “We’re speaking every day. But, even more importantly, our schedules are connected. So the notion that one likely thinks about going off and doing something in an independent way is actually not attached to reality because our reality has schools playing University of Colorado, playing Notre Dame, playing USC, playing Texas. And so over and over, we have these connections, which says that it really is important for us to remain connected.”

Following those comments from Sankey, Paul Finebaum was asked to share his take on what the announcement from the California State University system could mean for college football as a whole during a recent appearance on ESPN morning show “Get Up” on Wednesday.

The way Finebaum sees it, this is the latest news that points toward a delay for the upcoming college football season.

“That is very, very dangerous sign Greenie and I think one thing that if I could go back for just a second to what Greg Sankey said yesterday, he said now we’re looking towards July or mid-July,” Finebaum said on the show. “Two months ago, when this conversation started we, were looking at right now.

“So, based on what the [California] governor has done out there what the Chancellor’s donor the Cal State system, I don’t think we’re going to start on time, Greenie. I think the odds of starting September 5 are very very slim. That gives me the Pac-12 schools, a little more time, but they are going to be running out of time in mid-summer.”

That may not be what anyone wants to hear at this moment but that could be the reality facing the sport in the months to come.