Looking ahead to the upcoming college football season, there are many unanswered questions that need to be resolved before the season can be played.

One of those questions was presented to SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey during an appearance on ESPN morning show “Get Up” on Friday.

What happens if a player tests positive for the coronavirus during the season? How would that affect the team leading up to the upcoming weekend?

These are questions Sankey does not have an answer for at this time but he’s been working toward finding the answers while communicating with professional leagues across the country.

“I’ve has been careful not to guess,” Sankey said during his appearance on the show. “You can go back and say well what do we know? What we know is in March when that happened at the NBA level, everything stopped.

“In fact, I had a conversation the day before the Rudy Gobert experience with an NHL president, actually Sean Henry of the Nashville Predators, we were playing our basketball tournament [in Nashville]. He identified to me the what-ifs one who have said someone test positive.”

Sankey then pointed toward a league that has already begun its return to the field, the German soccer league Bundesliga, and how they have handled players that have tested positive for coronavirus.

“Watch what’s happening in the Bundesliga,” Sankey continued. “I’ve had already two conversations with other professional leagues this week to ask, how are you thinking about these issues? I’m going to rely on the aspect of time right now, understanding that we’re going to be living with COVID-19 and how we learn to live with COVID-19 will inform the exact decision you’ve asked me about.

“I don’t have to project that at this point, it could be disruptive individually, for a segment, or for a team. If it’s for a team, obviously has implications on a season, but you’ve identified, one of the massive homework projects we all have for the fall.”

The league commissioner may not have an answer to that question at this time but the good news is he doesn’t have to have one at this time.