If you are feeling alone as you practice your social distancing, it may comfort you to know that even the most powerful of coaches from the Southeastern Conference are going through the same thing as many of us at this time.

Thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, Nick Saban is having to deal with an issue the 68-year-old coach has never had to deal with during the spring — time at home and being away from the practice field.

“Anybody who knows me knows I’m not a sit-around kind of guy,” Saban said to Chris Low of ESPN. “Drives me crazy to even think about it. But a lot of us in this country are going to have to adjust to doing things differently, and that includes me.”

That says it best as not even Saban, arguably the most powerful college coach in the nation, is immune from dealing with coronavirus.

“It’s crazy, unlike anything any of us have ever experienced, and we need to remember that it goes a lot deeper than just football and sports that are impacted,” Saban added. “Our world has been turned upside down. You just figure out the best way to manage what you can do. There’s nothing else you can do.”

That sentiment is one being felt in College Station as Jimbo Fisher added that the thing keeping him most busy, outside of recruiting and film study, is working out on his elliptical to pass the time.

No doubt, however, the elliptical comes in a distant third behind the other duties in front of the Aggie coach. The Texas A&M coach said he’s found some comfort in film study from home during this period.

“Got all of our opponents for next year on there, studying all of the new defensive coordinators we’ll be facing, everything,” Fisher said. “I’m breaking them all down.”

The same as Coach Saban, the leader of the Aggie program understands that football can be paused and will be there once this difficult time passes for us all.

“I know we as football coaches struggle with this sometimes, but let’s keep things in perspective a little bit,” Fisher added. “What’s most important is stopping the spread of this virus.”