Former UCF kicker Donald De La Haye earned a key victory in court Wednesday when it was ruled his lawsuit against the school can proceed.

You may remember De La Haye’s story from last summer. He runs a popular YouTube channel which UCF saw as problematic with him being a Knights football player. In June 2017, De La Haye told the followers of his YouTube channel that he had a choice of either quitting college sports or quitting his popular, money-making videos. In August 2017, De La Haye announced that he would no longer be playing football in order to continue the videos.

When De La Haye made his decision, both the NCAA and UCF released statements saying that De La Haye could have continued to play football and make money off the videos as long as they did not reference his status as a college football player or depict his football skills. De La Haye did not agree to the terms of the waiver and was ruled ineligible for the 2017 season by UCF. He is now suing the school over the matter. De La Haye also released a video on the matter shortly following his decision.

UCF filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, but senior district judge Anne Conway denied UCF’s request. The court ruled that De La Haye “has a plausible first amendment violation claim,” according to Shannon Green of the Orlando Sentinel. As of Wednesday afternoon, UCF had not responded to the Sentinel’s inquiry of whether the school would appeal the decision.