The Big Ten’s decision to shift to a conference-only slate for the 2020 college football season caught many off guard as the clock continues to tick down toward the scheduled start of the season.

What’s really interesting about the Big Ten’s move is that there is still time to figure out the best path forward but the league must have decided it was in its best interest to go ahead without consulting the rest of the Power 5 conferences.

Don’t expect the SEC to make a similar decision any time soon, as there are several marquee in-state, non-conference matchups the league would like to preserve if at all possible.

According to college football insider Matt Hayes of Bleacher Report, the SEC programs with rivalries with ACC programs — such as Georgia vs. Georgia Tech, Florida vs. Florida State, South Carolina vs. Clemson and Kentucky vs. Louisville — desire to keep those matchups for the coming season.

The real challenge may not be in playing those games, it may be how to work around extra games in the schedule for a select few SEC programs. Could we see an SEC vs. ACC weekend challenge at the end of the regular season?

That could be one way to get the most out of a season that’s going to likely go down without a few originally scheduled games.