Based on one recent report, college administrators are beginning to lose hope that the football season starts will start on time.

According to Brett McMurphy of Stadium, nearly 75 percent of the feedback he received from the 115 athletic directors polled believe the upcoming college football season will be delayed.

An even greater number of ADs polled believe the college football season will feature conference-only schedules. One positive note, only seven percent of the responses believed there will be no college football this year fall or spring.

This week, 36 percent of the ADs predicted a conference-only schedule — either played in the fall or spring — compared to only 23 percent when asked in April.

This week, 31 percent of the ADs said they believe the season will be moved to the spring, compared to only 14 percent in April’s survey.

In April, only one AD told Stadium they thought there would not be football played this season. This week, eight ADs predicted there won’t be a football season during the 2020-21 academic year.

“No one — and I mean no one — has a clue right now what the college football season will look like,” a Power Five AD was quoted by McMurphy.