If any athletes decide they want to sit out the upcoming season due to health concerns regarding COVID-19, the Southeastern Conference will honor their decision and have announced those athletes will still have a scholarship in place and will remain in good standing at their universities moving forward.

This decision was announced on Friday.

According to the SEC, this “action is the result of a unanimous vote of the SEC’s Presidents and Chancellors following a recommendation of the Conference’s Athletics Directors.”

Following this news, SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey offered the following statement:

“SEC universities are committed to full support of its student-athletes, whether or not a student-athlete decides to participate in sports during these uncertain times.  SEC student-athletes have frequently expressed their desire to compete, but it is important for student-athletes and their families to know the financial support committed to them by their institutions will not be at risk because of health concerns presented by the current pandemic.”

While the vast majority of players have publicly expressed their desire to hit the field in 2020, it’s nice to see the SEC take care of its athletes and not force them into a situation they may be uncomfortable with and have athletes concerned about potentially losing their scholarships if they decide not to play.