Should NBC ever offer the guest host role on Saturday Night Live to Johnny Manziel or Tim Tebow, it is a safe bet radio host Colin Cowherd will not be tuning into the broadcast.

On today’s edition of Cowherd’s Fox Sports Radio show, The Herd, the host went on a controlled rant on why Manziel, Tebow and even comedian Andrew “Dice” Clay get under his skin.

“This is why Tebow bothers me and this is why Manziel still bothers me,” Cowherd said. “Because you know what they are? They’re practical joke guy at work.”

As Cowherd knows, that guy is not the favorite around the office. The host went on to compare the two quarterbacks to the joker who annoys his co-workers with asinine pranks.

“They do that to get attention because they’re not really talented enough to get attention,” Cowherd said. “And all the smart people know…to just let it run its cycle. He will eventually end up where he ends up.”

For Tebow, that is back as a commentator for the SEC Network.

After being signed by the Philadelphia Eagles in the offseason, Tebow battled Matt Barkley for the third-string quarterback job. Tebow appeared to have won the competition when Philly traded Barkley to Arizona. But days later, the former Florida Gator was released. Eagles’ coach Chip Kelly said the decision was made because Tebow simply wasn’t good enough.

“It’s the same with Johnny Manziel, it’s the same with Tim Tebow,” Cowherd said. “I talked to six, seven people I trusted in football and they were like, ‘Believe me Colin you can win games in this league through inertia, defense and long field goals; he can’t play.'”

There is one aspect to Manziel’s game that really has Cowherd unable to laugh. The fact he can make plays at times.

“Momentum is a powerful thing, occasionally (practical joke guy) can be funny, Johnny Manziel will make an occasional play,” Cowherd said. “Tebow did get a crossing route for a touchdown against the Steelers and momentum is a fascinating thing and very, very powerful.”

Manziel has said he wants to have a long NFL career. Cowherd says there is no way the former Texas A&M Aggie plays 12 years in the league.

The joke will be on one of these two men.