The act of grilling burgers can be found at countless tailgates around the south each Saturday in the fall. But, the greatness of these burgers can vary widely from tailgate to tailgate.

How you choose the meat, prepare the meat and grill the meat are indeed important aspects to consider, but today, we’re going to focus on the more global subject of creating a total burger bar experience at your tailgate.

What do we mean by a burger bar? A burger bar is a complete setup with a large amount of toppings and sauces to enable hungry guests to customize their own burgers.

Here are the three steps to creating a great burger bar at your next tailgate:

Note: Of course you need the standard burgers, buns and grilling equipment. These steps assume you already have this covered.

Step 1 – Tables and space

The whole point of a burger bar is to provide friends and family with a large number of options to permit them to create the perfect burger customized to their own tastes and liking.

To facilitate this experience, you need table space. Large plastic tables where the legs fold out are perfect for creating a large area with plentiful table space to display a variety of food and beverage options, as well as your burger bar.

Step 2 – Toppings

Standard burger toppings often include lettuce, tomato, cheese and condiments like ketchup, mayo and mustard. But we’re not looking for standard here, are we?

Up your tailgating game by providing the following toppings: bacon, guacamole or avocado, onion and multiple types of sliced cheese.

Want even more? Great! Consider sliced pineapple and jalepenos.

Step 3 – Sauces

While toppings are quite common, a selection of sauces for a burger bar may not be as obvious of an idea to consider. Impress your guests by providing a number of great sauce options for burgers.

What kind of sauces? In addition to ketchup, mustard and mayo, BBQ sauce is a must. Also throw in a steak sauce and lastly, a teriyaki sauce. Now you’re in business.

Additional consideration – With the burger bar, you might want to bring with you the ability to cover items especially during warmer months where you may get flies enjoying your food that is on display. “Food tents” might be your best friend during these situations.

Lastly, don’t forget your ice cold Bud Light! Nothing goes together like an ice cold Bud Light enjoyed together with a juicy burger. Especially on Game day.