ESPN play-by-play voice Beth Mowins drew an ugly assignment for Saturday’s 9-7 defensive struggle between Florida and Vanderbilt.

She also drew an ugly response from SEC fans on social media.

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Though many never really did a good job of articulating exactly why they disliked the job Mowins was doing, that didn’t stop SEC fans from blasting her on Twitter:

And that’s just a small sample. There were many, many more with the same sentiment.

Granted, Mowins is no Howard Cosell. She mispronounced a few names, seemingly didn’t understand why Florida called a timeout when the play clock was about to hit zero before a critical field goal attempt, and was excitable at odd times during the game, but was her performance so bad that it warranted this type of criticism?

Hey Uncle Verne, stop breathing into the microphone

Everyone’s favorite SEC commentator drew the biggest assignment of the week. Verne Lundquist was on the play-by-play call for LSU at Alabama on the nighttime version of SEC on CBS, and he was getting on everyone’s nerves again.

Except this time it wasn’t necessarily with what he was saying:

Jesse Palmer’s math problems

When you carry a “pretty boy” reputation like former Florida QB and TV-bachelor Jesse Palmer, folks are just waiting for you to say something incorrectly to bring you down.

Palmer did his detractors a favor on Saturday night while calling Texas A&M’s loss to Auburn on the SEC Network.

While trying to calculate how many points a field goal would put the Tigers ahead, he made a pretty simple math mistake.

As you would expect, the internet was relentless:

Is Brent Musburger drunk?: Part II

Last week, we dedicated much of Criticizing the Broadcasters to Tennessee and Kentucky fans suspecting that Brent Musburger may be drinking on the job.

This week, folks watching the Texas A&M and Auburn game were accusing the SEC Network announcer of the same transgression: