Last Saturday’s Tennessee-Georgia tilt was a tremendous game with a terrific ending, which CBS Sports’ Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson handled with aplomb. But earlier in the game, Danielson dropped the ball.

While commenting on Tyler Catalina, who formerly played at Rhode Island, Danielson said that the Bulldogs offensive lineman was a “gransfer trad,” mixing up the phrase “grad transfer.” Unfortunately for Danielson, his critics took him to task on Twitter:

Musburger struggles in Death Valley

SEC Network’s Brent Musburger seemed to enter a land of confusion during his call of Missouri-LSU on Saturday night. For starters, one big coincidence was lost on him.

Ed Orgeron was leading the Bayou Bengals in his first game as LSU’s interim coach. From time to time, Musburger called Orgeron “Coach O” more than likely not realizing that his coaching counterpart that night, Missouri’s Barry Odom, could probably be referred to the same way.

As if that weren’t confusing enough, it seems another coincidence was lost on Musburger. He apparently kept referring to LSU as the Tigers, seemingly not realizing that Missouri shares the same nickname.

Strange but true

And last but not least, even though this didn’t involve an SEC team, it still should be mentioned just because of how bizarre it was. ESPN color commentator Mack Brown bolted from Friday night’s Toledo-BYU telecast in the third quarter so that he could catch a flight to Bristol, Conn.

He left play-by-play guy Adam Amin alone in the broadcast booth. At least Amin got to call the rest of BYU’s thrilling 55-53 victory on a last-second field goal.

It makes us wonder if Brown knew he had to leave early, then why did he even work the game? Didn’t he account for the game running long – which it did – or possibly going into overtime?