Clemson blew out rival South Carolina 56-35 on Saturday night, winning the game for the fifth year in a row.

However, it’s fair to say it wasn’t the best defensive performance from the Tigers this year, as South Carolina’s offense isn’t exactly elite.

Still, a win is a win, so coach Dabo Swinney wasn’t happy with fans who were complaining about the Tigers’ showing on Saturday night. In fact, he went as far as to threaten to leave Clemson if 12-0 regular-season records aren’t good enough for fans (via 247Sports):

“And to you people who suggest it felt like a loss, y’all need to check yourself too,” Swinney said. “I’ve been here 16 years and for all those people out there who want to complain about five wins in a row and by winning by three touchdowns, man that’s shameful. That’s a lack of respect for our program and a lack of respect for the effort that these players and coaches put in. I hope you write that.

“The senior class has won 52 games and we’ve got people complaining. Give me a break. I’m going to say it one more time: we’ve had eight 10-plus win seasons, we’re 12-0. Third time in the history of this school we’ve won five state championships in a row. And when that’s not enough for some people, that’s sad. That’s sad.

“I ain’t ever going to apologize for a 21-point win over our rival. And winning five straight games over our rival. There’s been some articles pushed my way and some comments, I’m not gonna stand for that. Our program is not going to be like that. Our players work too hard. The goal is to win, period. I don’t want to ever be a program — ever — that doesn’t appreciate winning.

“Just look around college football, there’s a lot of people that would love to have the program that we have here, I can tell you that. 12-0 ain’t good enough? Then it’s time for me to seek other places. Make sure you get that.”

Would Swinney really leave Clemson? Considering the juggernaut he’s built the program into, it would be tough to leave.

But, fans should start showing him some more appreciation, or someone else may come along and make him an offer he can’t say no to.