All sports are currently on a hiatus due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, but fans (and decision-makers) are hopeful to return to college football this fall.

Multiple scenarios are on the table for the 2020 college season. The season may start on time, or it may be delayed a month. It could also be played in a split season between fall and spring, or it could be a spring season only.

The latest to report via a source is Dan Patrick. He explained what he was hearing Monday morning about the upcoming season.

“Here’s a consensus going around for the major conferences if things progress at a predictable curve,” Patrick said citing a source. “We’re going to have 10 games with a later start. Nine conference games and regional conference games take precedence. You won’t have any FCS games with players returning mid-June or early-July.

“The conference that is struggling is the Pac-12,” Patrick continued. “California is a concern. … Money will be a concern (for all of college football) and attendance will be limited.”

Obviously, all the data is not available yet for final decisions to be made about the 2020 season, but schools are already announcing they will hold in-person classes on campus this fall (as of now).

Patrick’s scenario wouldn’t be ideal, and it remains to be seen if the SEC would even entertain a 9-game conference schedule. Regardless, decision-makers will likely try anything to play most or all of the season.

You can watch Patrick’s comments below: