Danny Kanell went off on the Playoff system again as Alabama and Georgia won on Monday to provide an all-SEC championship game.

Kanell previously went on a rant after the four teams for this year’s College Football Playoff were announced. He was not a fan of two SEC teams making it and had an issue with Alabama making it over Big 10 champion Ohio State.

This time, Kanell called the current results bad for college football and labeled the Playoff system as a farce and rigged. He then went on to say that the SEC marketing surrounding the championship game will be used to distract fans from the fact that the conference had a poor showing this season.

Kanell also responded to Booger McFarland’s comment that he hopes the Playoff never expands. In his response, Kanell claimed Alabama’s path to the Playoff was cake this season:

While Kanell clearly has an issue with the current Playoff system, it is hard to argue that both Alabama and Georgia were the better teams on Monday. Both teams put up strong performances and earned their ticket to the national championship game.