At this rate, you’d think Danny Kanell was a proud UCF alum.

The former Florida State quarterback has spoken up enough times for UCF, he may as well be handed an honorary degree from the school. After all, that school is known for claiming honors it didn’t earn, it may as well start handing out honors of that nature in kind to those that haven’t earned them.

Upon seeing Dan Mullen’s response to Florida’s two-for-one offer to UCF — meaning the Gators would host two football games and UCF would host one in a three-game series — Kanell took issue with what the leader of the Florida program had to say on the subject.

What’s really interesting is that you don’t much hear Kanell clamoring for his alma mater to schedule any home-and-home series with UCF. Funny how that works.

Check out Kanell’s response to Mullen below:

Maybe it’s our SEC bias talking here, but we find it hard to believe UCF would turn down Florida’s two-for-one offer. It’s not often you see a school of Florida’s caliber even willing to travel to a school like UCF. Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee and Texas A&M aren’t making those trips these days.

If UCF was smart, they would jump at the chance to host an in-state SEC program. Of course, they are going in another direction in an effort to keep themselves in the headlines. Maybe that’s what the program wants more than anything else, anyway. Just to stay in the news.

Our very own Chris Wright offered up the perfect response to Kanell: