LSU is expected to move up in most polls after a 42-28 win over No. 7 Florida. College football analyst Danny Kanell, however, apparently doesn’t see any reason to boost the Tigers.

Kanell shares a weekly top eight on his Twitter account. He shared the post-Week 7 #DKtop8 on Sunday morning via his Twitter account. It’s not surprising to see he’s down from four SEC teams to just two.

The only changes in Kanell’s top eight are the bottom three spots. He had the same top five of Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma and LSU after Week 6.  The Week 8 schedule lacks the same number of ranked vs. ranked marquee matchups of Week 7, but followers of college football know that sometimes it’s those kinds of weeks that provide the biggest shakeups in the rankings. Kanell will presumably be back with another top eight on Twitter next Sunday.